Busy Month Ahead

Last week was a busy week for the production team. We’ve acquired three assistant producers for the project.

Sophie White will be working alongside Hannah assistant producing the pilot episode. 

Sean Olding and Emily McSorley will be working alongside Hannah assistant producing the concept and the advertisements for the show.

This coming month is going to be incredibly busy. We’ll be developing the concept first, and we’ll be starting that tomorrow afternoon. 

We are all very excited to get this project off the ground, we’ll be uploading more posts as the project really develops. 

On thursday Hannah and Sophie will be filming a vlog to give an update on the progress that is being made with the pilot episode. 

If you’ve not already seen the shows Facebook page; here’s the link:

If you or someone who know is interested in auditioning, here is a link to the audition event we’ve set up on Facebook:



Update – What we’ve been up to

It has been 13 days since the launch of Curiouser. 

A lot has happened since then. 

What we’ve been up to over the past 13 days is developing the foundation for the next couple of months. We’ve been looking for the right people to photograph for the concept images for each of the characters. (This is still on-going)

We’ve managed to secure one of the biggest locations that we wanted for this project and that is the casino. We are incredibly pleased to have this location and we can’t wait to film there.

We are currently in the process of securing some of the other locations that we would like to film some of the scenes in. 

Over the next month or so we will be shooting some of the concept promotional images for the show. We will hopefully have these up and ready to display by the middle of January time. 

As well as refining bits of the script, we are also going to be developing the shows first advert for one of the districts. We will announce which district we’ll be shooting first in the next couple of weeks. 

From now on we will be uploading weekly blogs to update you on the shows progress. 

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The Launch of Curiouser. #HowCurious?



The world of Curiouser follows the events surrounding Alice’s death. The inhabitants of Old World, a city which is split into three rival districts, are all affected by her death, and events begin to spiral out of control which have serious ramifications for all involved.


“Welcome to Old World. We hope you enjoy your stay. Remember, Lady Luck is always watching. This is Curiouser. “